Monday, November 23, 2009

Southern Comfort, Part II

So, we're well established back in one version of our Bishop routine. But the most exciting thing going on is still our trip "down south". Here are some random pictures, arranged in random patterns and random order.

We thought this picture was kinda funny- drowning aliens are funny, right?

Ain't nothing funny about this one- some people are sick!

We played lots of games- cards, scrabble. With my parents there, Annie had to be on her best behavior- she didn't hate me when I beat her.

Visited the FlorAbama- The Last Great American Roadhouse!

Being the only one riding a "wedgie" bike (cyclist-speak for your traditional, stand-up bicycle. As opposed to a recumbent bike- one rides a recumbent basically sitting in a lawn chair- very comfy. Wedgie bike, not as comfy.) my rear got sore. So Dad and I would swap positions every once in a while- here's a rare picture of all three of us riding.


  1. nice! ...except the dog picture is scary... which reminds me: no Lena+beer bottle pictures this New Years, k? ;-)

    well, see ya next week bday lady!!