Thursday, July 30, 2009

"I Only Wanna be in LA"

In her Office Manager position for Sierra Mountain Guides, among the routine requests for trips and information, Annie occasionally gets some pretty random calls and e-mails. Around July 20, she got an e-mail from a production company in Los Angeles. They were looking for "rugged outdoorsy types" to teach wilderness skills to a group of 5 or 6 kids who would then go out and "survive" for a week or so. All of it filmed and spun into some sort of reality TV drama. Annie thought I fit the bill, having more faith in my photogenaity than I do. They have a tight schedule, we had a day off together, so we raced down there for an interview on friday the 24th. I think it went well, but like my university ballet teacher told me, "some people just aren't cut out for this kind of thing." We don't know for sure yet, but they're filming on the 24th of August. I guess I'll know by then? In any case, it was a break from the norm; a chance to drive around with the AC on, talking on our cell phones, yelling at traffic and drinking iced coffee drinks. We also visited (and crashed with) Annie's childhood friend Rachel.

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