Thursday, July 30, 2009

V-Notch Couloir, Palisade Glacier

Last weekend (July 25-27) I guided a 3-day trip into the Palisade Glacier area. I've been in there quite a bit lately, and it's starting to feel more and more like home. This trip we climbed the "V-Notch Couloir" and descended Mount Sill's "Northwest Couloir". Like the trip up Sun Ribbon, blogged about below, this trip was a milestone of sorts. (the Sun Ribbon climb was the last significant route on Temple Crag that either Annie or I had left to do). This past weekend's trip marked the completion of another list for me. In just over a month, starting back on June 25, I climbed and/or descended every one of the major Palisade Glacier couloirs. Kind of a niche there, but one that I don't imagine many folks get to complete. Again, makes me feel more and more at home in that section of peaks.

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  1. Wait...have you done the Underhill Couloir??